Gluten Free Delights

Gluten Free Delights Telford Shropshire

Gluten Free Delights is a new cake business that was launched in May 2013. It is located in the Telford area of Shropshire. Gluten Free Delights supplies gluten free cakes and treats to people who have special dietary requirements such as Coeliac disease or for those that just require a wheat free diet. The cakes are all freshly made and hand crafted with the greatest care and attention. At Gluten Free Delights we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Our aim is to provide cakes that taste amazing and leave our customers wanting more. Call us or use the contact form on the site to order your cakes today.
I was diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease in 2004. As a coeliac, I know how difficult it is to get cakes for birthdays or just for that special treat. When going into supermarkets, I found gluten free cakes were not easily available to be purchased. Most supermarkets provided small cake slices but again this was very restricted and there was very little choice and variety. It is for this reason that Gluten Free Delights has come about. I do not see why being a coeliac means that we have to have a life where we continually feel left out, not to enjoy tasty and delicious foods like cakes, biscuits etc.

Gluten Free Delights specialises in cupcakes and other traditional gluten free cakes for that special treat that you would like.
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